About us

Why did Wersal create the Wernight brand?

who we are
Our mission

our mission

Wernight line is our next achievement, and with the new collection of mattresses, tops and pillows, we want to improve the quality of your sleep, because comfortable sleep is the basis of a healthy lifestyle. Wernight combines high quality, careful workmanship and extraordinary comfort.

Our offer

our offer

Our offer includes bonell, pocket, multi pocket and foam mattresses, which in combination with additional elements increasing comfort and convenience enable you to sleep exceptionally well at night. We invite you to familiarize yourself with our rich offer.

why our mattresses?

High quality

high quality

Buying our products you do not risk - Wernight is a guarantee of good quality.

Wide choice

wide choice

In our offer you will find products that meet the needs of every consumer.

Interesting design

interesting design

Our products attract the eye with an interesting, high quality design.

Buying the right mattress was a big challenge for me. But it worked. Thanks to a professional advisor I found a mattress that fits me perfectly. You no longer need to look, I recommend mattresses brand Wernight.
Krystyna from Wroclaw
My family still lives on the run. After a hard day, everyone dreams of a regenerating night's rest. Since we decided to buy Wernight mattresses we are all satisfied. Children are happy to get up in the morning, and the husband finally stopped complaining about back pain.
Anna from Kolobrzeg
Finally, we found the right mattress for us. Every morning we both wake up asleep, relaxed and eager to act. Mattress Grand Latex brand Wernight is what we have been looking for for for a long time.
Ola i Marcin from Krakow